University Governance


1.      University President

2.      Universi​ty Council

3.      University Scientific ​Council

4.     Supervisory Committee of the Intellectual Awareness Unit

5.      Student Fund Formation

6.      University Academic Board

7.      University Executive Board

8.      KSAU-HS Budget Allocation Committee

9.      Colleges, Institutes and Deanships' Councils

10. Academic Departments' Councils

11. University General Disciplinary Committee

12. University Scholarship & Training Committee

13. University Teaching Assistant Selection committee

14. KSAU-HS Steering Committee for Quality Assurance and Academic Accreditation

15. University Standing Committee for Bylaws, Policies and Procedures

16. University Strategic Planning and Performance Management Standing Committee

17. University Central Curriculum Committee

18. Curriculum Committee at the College Level

19. Organization and Governance Advisory Committee

20. University Female Campus Board

21. KSAU-HS Recruitment Committee for Non-Academics

22. Operational Policies and Procedures Committee

23. University Job Classification Committee

24. Corporate University Administrative Credentialing Committee

25. Safety and Risk Management Council

26. University Information, Communication and Educational Technology Board (ICET)

27. Electronic transaction committee

28. Awarding committee for Rental and investment

29. Quality Assurance and Safety Committee with Technical Affair

30. Conflict of Interest Policy

31. Risk Assessment