Mission and Vision
To achieve global leadership in health professions education with commitment to excellence in research, patient care, and community service.  
KSAU-HS provides high quality health sciences education, health-related research, and community services that promote the health of society.

Core Values:  
• Ethical behavior:  honesty, respect, fairness and compassion
• Teamwork:  collaboration and cooperation
• Accountability:  fulfilling duty
• Transparency:  acting with clarity
• Excellence:  commitment to quality performance, innovation and creativity

Strategic Goals:
1. National and international recognition and reputation through the continuous development of academic programs to produce highly qualified health professionals and active citizens.
2. Paying attention to scientific research and health activities of national value and global importance.
3. The university's comprehensive participation in promoting community health and contributing to national social responsibility.
4. Maintaining qualified teaching staff and distinguished workforce while providing them with professional development opportunities.
5. Strengthening the university's financial basis.
6. The quality of the campus and the enhancement of a sense of belonging to the university community.
7. Administrative performance with high efficiency to facilitate the timely decision-making process at all levels of the university.
8. Integration between the university, the health affairs of the Ministry of National Guard, and the King Abdullah International Medical Research Center to reach the level of the unified health system.
9. Strengthening the internal quality assurance system to achieve the sustainability of quality assurance processes and to achieve the required accreditation in a timely manner.

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