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The Benefits of Studying at KSAU-HS
KSAU-HS has undergone a dramatic transformation over a short period.  It has changed from a predominantly teaching institution to a research-intensive university, and adopted governance and management systems based on performance and best international practices.  The university has set its sights on becoming a distinguished global university. 

King Abdulaziz Medical City (KAMC-Riyadh) initially began as a provider of high quality health services, and gradually branched into a pioneering academic institute through the following: 
 High quality postgraduate residency/fellowship training programs. 
 Organization and management of local and international scientific conferences, and advanced training programs. 
 KSAU-HS follows the rules and regulations of Higher Education Council and the University Council, which is chaired by     the Minister of Higher Education. 
 The University has two branches, one in Jeddah in the Western Region and one in Al Ahsa in the Eastern Region.

The KSAU-HS and NGHA provide optimal health care for eligible patients and their dependents.  KSAU-HS will provide academic opportunity, conduct research and participate in industry and community service programs in the health field.  It will also provide educational health programs in an academic setting that fosters excellence in innovative learning, scientific research, compassionate patient care, and community health promotion that will enhance the health care development nationally and globally. 

Why study at KSAU-HS? 

KSAU-HS is: 
 ​A pioneering and unique academic project. 
 Applying the best methods of teaching and learning. 
 Following a delicate system that establishes special programs for students in line with the needs of the labor market       in Saudi Arabia.
 Focusing on the quantitative and qualitative education in addressing the shortage of qualified national health.
 Developing a modern ambitious model of scientific research to raise the level of health services.
 Contributing to the continuing education programs for health workers to raise their professional competence.
 Utilizing available educational health potential in King Abdulaziz Medical City (KAMC). 
 Cooperating with regional and global academic institutions to promote and develop health education.