Admission criteria for high school graduates
Admission to King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences depends on the differentiation between male and female students and competition for available seats annually according to the admission criteria.

As approved by the University Council, admission criteria will be as follows:
1- The applicant must be a Saudi national and a newly graduated candidate on the unified track for the preparatory year and the duration of obtaining a high school degree should not exceed three years for the applicant on the nursing course.
2. The cumulative percentage of the general secondary (natural sciences) is not less than 90%.
3 - Achievement test.
4. Aptitude exam.
5 - Filling the application form:
For the applicants to the university campus in Riyadh, the application form is complete on (the unified admission portal for students in public universities in Riyadh and the portal of the unified acceptance of female students in Riyadh.
- For applicants to university campuses in Jeddah or Al-Ahsa, the application form is available on the university website.
6 - Passing the personal interview and medical examination and completion the general conditions at the time of submission.

 Each criterion will be weighted as follows:
 Accumulative percentage of high school certificate grade 30%
Aptitude exam grade 30%
Achievement test grade 40%

* Method of calculating th​e weighted ratio

The required documents:
Two copies of the secondary certificate with the original for the match (hard copy of the original certificate must be sent in case of acceptance).
A copy of the national identity with the original for the matching or the family card with the original for the female students.
4 colored personal photos 6x4..

Important Instructions:
Application through the web portal and personal interview does not mean admission to the university, because Admission to King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences depends on the differentiation between male and female students and competition for available seats 

Absence of the student from completing any of the application removes him / her from competition.
The full name shall be written in Arabic in accordance with the General secondary school form.
After calling the student for the interview, he / she is required to complete the documents and to match them with the original.

Criteria for Admission to Medical and Nursing Programs after Bachelor Degree:
Applicant must be a Saudi national.
Must be a Bachelor of Science or Applied Medical Sciences or Pharmacy from a recognized university.
To be newly graduated so that the duration of his bachelor degree does not exceed five years.
 A bachelor degree must be  Good and above.
Pass the college entrance exam
Pass the personal interview and medical examination
The accepted student must join the university on a full-time basis.

The required documents:
  3 original and a certified copy of the Bachelor Degree/graduation certificate for matching. 
*   In case the BA certificate was obtained from another country, it must be certified by the competent authorities in the concerned country. A copy of the accreditation
  Equivalency memorandum from the Saudi Ministry of Education must be attached.
  3 certified copy of the Academic Transcript.
  A certified copy of the completion certificate of the internship program.
  3 colored personal photos 6x4.