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 Clinical Nutrition Career Event at KSAU-HS Convention Center



The Clinical Nutrition Career Event within the Alumni Day held KSAU- HS convention Center on 17/04/2024 proved to be an enriching experience for students seeking insights into various career paths. The event featured three distinguished speakers and four booths representing prominent businesses and hospitals.

Booth Exhibitors:
1. Food Services Business: Lulu and Bagit
2. Hospitals: National Guard and Specialized Medical Center

Speakers and Topics:

1. Ms. Abeer Almokbel: 
Background: Abeer Almokbel, a sales and business development leader with a diverse background in industries such as nutrition, pharmaceuticals, and marketing, shared her journey. Holding a BSc in Clinical Nutrition and an MSc in Nutritional Science, Abeer discussed how her nutrition background influenced her successful career in sales and business development.
Topics Covered:
1. Introduction to her background
2. Overview of sales and business development
3. How her nutrition studies have impacted her career
4. Tips based on her experiences.

2. Ms. Daniyah Abdullah Alkhawtani:
Background: Daniyah Abdullah Alkhawtani, a senior clinical dietitian at Prince Sultan Military Medical City, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, shared her extensive experience and contributions in the field of clinical nutrition. With numerous speaking engagements and publications, Daniyah provided valuable insights into the educational requirements, job opportunities, and challenges in the field. 

3. Ms. Hadeel Alshubaili:
Background: Hadeel Alshubaili, a clinical pediatric dietitian and fitness personnel trainer, shared her passion for promoting health and well-being through proper nutrition and exercise. With expertise in metabolic disorders and NICU patients, she provided valuable insights into her field.
Topics Covered:
1. Introductions
2. Educational requirements
3. Job opportunities
4. Day-to-day responsibilities
5. Skills and qualities
6. Industry trends and challenges
7. Personal experience
8. General advice

Q&A Session: 
Following the speeches, a lively Q&A session was held where attendees had the opportunity to engage with the speakers, seeking further clarification and advice on various career-related topics.

The diverse range of speakers and topics covered offered a comprehensive overview of potential career paths in nutrition, healthcare, and business development.​

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