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Continuing Post-graduates education (internal and external scholarships)



Under the college of applied Medical Sciences, the career counselling program has launched today Wednesday 11 January 2023. The program includes variety of workshops, lectures and open discussions presented by the college faculty. The program aims to bridge the gap for the students, interns and job seekers and enhance their soft skills to fit easily and smoothly in work environment. 

The program started today by an open discussion which was presented by Dr. Meshary Binhotan, assistant professor in Emergency Medical Services Department, in cooperation with the Respiratory Therapy intern Ms. AlAnoud AlSarami.

Dr. Meshary explored the scholarship conditions and the differences between the internal and external scholarship programs. He also explained in details the custodian of the two holy mosques scholarship program and highlighted how to apply for scholarship and university program acceptance. Dr. Meshary ended up by mentioning the potential scholarships available for students.