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 Farm to table


Field visit to Al.Maraie farms and factory-Riyadh to enhance the knowledge of student about application of HACCP principles for provision of save food to the community
The Clinical Nutrition (CLN) program at King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences (KSAUHS) recently collaborated with Almarai Company to offer students a unique learning experience. The CLN program organized a field trip to the Almarai Dairy Processing plant in Al Kharj to explore dairy production, the processing of the raw milk to value-added products, and the application of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP).
In addition, the Managers of Almarai Company interacted with, motivated the students about the importance of adding value to food products, and provided valuable insights into the food industry. Through this initiative, students had the opportunity to witness in real time the processes involved in dairy production and gained practical knowledge that complements their academics.