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Ms. Manar Alharthi (RT Intern) presented poster titled 'Length of Stay and Comorbidities Prevalence Among Individuals with COPD in National Guard Health Affairs, Saudi Arabia' at the AARC Conference in the United States.

The research aimed to investigate the average length of stay (LOS) and the prevalence of comorbidities among individuals with COPD admitted to the National Guard Health Affairs (NGHA) in Saudi Arabia. The study findings concluded that male gender, cancer, neurological disease, and the presence of more than five coexisting comorbidities were identified as strong predictors for prolonged hospital LOS. Hypertension and pneumonia were also found to be the most common diseases associated with COPD patients.

Ms. Manar our RT Intern COAMS, demonstrated exceptional knowledge, passion, and communication skills, making her poster a standout contribution to the conference.​