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​​​​​The Clinical Laboratory Sciences Program (CLSP​) started when the College of Applied Medical Sciences (CAMS) was established in early 2006. Though many universities and health care facilities and programs exist throughout the Kingdom, KSAU-HS is the only Health Sciences University and the Clinical Laboratory Sciences program that features a unique training curriculum housed in the College of Applied Medical Sciences. The program was created specifically to educate and equip tomorrow’s laboratory technologist with the knowledge, attitude, and skills necessary to produce quality laboratory results. The main aim of this program is to graduate laboratory technologists with the abilities and skills to function in medical laboratories to assist physicians’ in-patient care decisions.

Laboratory technologists use sophisticated biomedical instruments, technology, microscopes, complex electronic equipment, computers, and methods requiring manual dexterity. They perform tests on blood, body fluids, and tissue specimens. Clinical laboratory sections include clinical chemistry, hematology, blood bank, immunology, microbiology, and molecular diagnostics. ​​​​

Clinical Laboratory Sciences Program is dedicated to graduate knowledgeable, highly skilled and ethical professionals capable of conducting health-related research and engaged in community health services. ​

To be one of the leading programs nationally and internationally for Clinical Laboratory Science, with a commitment to excellence in research, patient care, and community service. ​

In consonance with the University Core Values, the program core values are:

Ethical behavior and Islamic Values: honesty, respect, fairness, and compassion. ​​​

Teamwork: collaboration and cooperation. ​​

Accountability: fulfilling duty. ​​

Transparency: acting with clarity. ​​

Excellence: commitment to quality performance, innovation and creativity. ​