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 Dr. Lafi Al Olayan

Assistant Professor
Dr. Lafi Al Olayan is the Chairman and an Assistant Professor in the Anesthesia Technology Department at the College of Applied Medical Sciences, KSAU-HS. He received his master's degree in Managing Care in Perioperative Practice from Cardiff University and his PhD in Clinical and Experimental Medicine from the University of Birmingham, both in the United Kingdom. Currently, he is conducting several research projects related to anesthesia, intensive care, and perioperative medicine.
Dr. Al Olayan 's primary interest lies in research focused on improving perioperative quality.
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Ph.D. in Clinical and Experimental Medicine, University of Birmingham, United Kingdom

M.Sc. in Managing Care in Perioperative Practice, Cardiff University, United Kingdom

B.Sc. in Respiratory Therapy, King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences, Saudi Arabia


Assistant Professor, Anesthesia Technology Program, College of Applied Medical Science, KSAU-HS, 2021 – Present

Teaching Assistant, Anesthesia Technology Program, College of Applied Medical Science, KSAU-HS, 2013 – 2021



Chairperson, Anesthesia Technology Department, COAMS/ KSAU-HS, 2023- Now

Quality Officer, Anesthesia Technology Department, COAMS/ KSAU-HS, 2021- 2023​

Research Interests / Collaborations



Alsabani, M. H., Alotaibi, B. A., Olayan, L. H., Alghamdi, A. S., Alshammasi, M. A., Alqasir, B. A., ... & Al Harbi, M. K. (2023). The Value of Preoperative Systemic Immune-Inflammation Index as a Predictor of Prolonged Hospital Stay in Orthopedic Surgery: A Retrospective Study. International Journal of General Medicine, 4773-4782.

Al Harbi, M. K., Alsabani, M. H., Olayan, L. H., Alrifai, D., Alobaid, S. A., Althanyyan, A. F., ... & Alosaimi, S. D. (2023). Mental Health and Sleep Quality of Healthcare Providers After Partial Relief of COVID-19 in Saudi Arabia: A Cross-Sectional Study. Journal of Multidisciplinary Healthcare, 209-217.

Alanazi, A. M., Almutairi, A. M., Aldhahi, M. I., Alotaibi, T. F., AbuNurah, H. Y., Olayan, L. H., ... & Alabdali, A. A. (2023, January). The Intersection of Health Rehabilitation Services with Quality of Life in Saudi Arabia: Current Status and Future Needs. In Healthcare (Vol. 11, No. 3, p. 389). MDPI.

Sibai, A., Alsabani, M., Alfouzan, R., Alhrabi, S., Olayan, L., Aldobekhi, F., & Al Harbi, M. K. (2022). The impact of low preoperative fibrinogen level on intraoperative blood products requirements during liver transplantation with surgical vena cava preservation technique: a retrospective cohort study.

Alenezi FK, Alnababtah K, Alqahtani MM, Olayan L, Alharbi M. The association between residual neuromuscular blockade (RNMB) and critical respiratory events: a prospective cohort study. Perioperative Medicine. 2021 Dec;10(1):1-9.

Olayan L, Alatassi A, Patel J, Milton S. Apnoeic oxygenation by nasal cannula during airway management in children undergoing general anaesthesia: a pilot randomised controlled trial. Perioperative Medicine. 2018 Dec;7(1):1-9.



Quality Assurance and Academic Accreditation (QAAA) Committee member, Quality Unit, College of Applied Medical Science/ KSAU-HS, 2021- Now

Assessment Sub-Committee member, College of Applied Medical Science/ KSAU-HS, 2022- Now

Curriculum Committee member, College of Applied Medical Science/ KSAU-HS, 2022- Now


Effectiveness of postoperative respiratory physiotherapy techniques on minimising postoperative pulmonary complications following major abdominal surgery: systematic review and meta-analysis. January 2019. Winter Scientific Meeting 2019​

Postoperative Pulmonary Complications following major Hepato-biliary Surgery: A prospective observational study at a large tertiary centre. December 2019. Intensive Care Society State of the Art Meeting 2019​


Several community activities related to professional and public anesthesia awareness



Office location/number: COAMS-M, Office No. 1.083

Phone: +966114299999 Ext: 95216