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 Dr. Maha Al Turki

Associate​ Professor​
Dr. Maha A. Al Turki is an Associate Professor at the Clinical Nutrition Department, College of Applied Medical Sciences at KSAU-HS. She received her Bachelor's degree in Clinical Nutrition from King Abdulaziz University in Saudi Arabia. Afterwards, she earned a Master of Medical Sciences in Human Nutrition and a PhD in Human Nutrition, both from the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom. In her continued commitment to academic excellence, she also obtained another Master's Degree in Medical Education (with Honors) from the College of Medicine at KSAU-HS in 2017. Her research interests include Nutrition and cognitive development, Nutritional status, and pre and post-partum nutrient intake. Dr. Al Turki also serves as a board member of the Risk Assessment Advisory Committee at the Saudi Food & Drug Authority (SFDA).
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Ph.D. in Human Nutrition, University of Sheffield, United Kingdom

MSc in Human Nutrition, University of Sheffield, United Kingdom

M.ME.​ in Medical Education, King Saud bin Abdul-Aziz University for Health Science, Saudi Arabia

B.Sc. in Food and Nutrition, King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia​


Associate professor, Clinical Nutrition Program, College of Applied Medical Sciences/ KSAU-HS, 2022- present

Assistant professor, Clinical Nutrition Program, College of Applied Medical Sciences/ KSAU-HS, 2014 - 2021

Teaching assistant, Radiological Sciences Program, College of Applied Medical Sciences/ KSAU-HS, 2005


Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, College of Applied Medical Sciences/ KSAU-HS,​ 2019 - present

Chairperson, Clinical Nutrition Department, College of Applied Medical Sciences/ KSAU-HS, 2020 - 2022

Program Director, Clinical Nutrition Program, College of Applied Medical Sciences/ KSAU-HS, 2018 - 2020

Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs, College of Applied Medical Sciences/ KSAU-HS2015 - 2019


2012: Appreciation letter for success and academic superiority from the president of King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences.​

2015: Certificate of Excellence for achieving the academic milestone of an advanced degree from the School of Interdisciplinary and Graduate Studies, University of Louisville.

2021:   Mardell Susman Scientific Writing Award, Department of Microbiology and Immunology, University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston, Texas, USA​

Research Interests / Collaborations



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Translating The Merck Manuals (MSD Manuals; the professional version) into Arabic language, 2019


Al Balwi, W., Al Turki, M., Memish, Z.A. et al. Age/BMI is a Stronger Predictor of Death in COVID-19 Patients than Age Alone: A Pilot Study. J Epidemiol Glob Health 12, 548–551 (2022).

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Kavita Sudersanadas, Maha Al Turki, Atheer Abuthyab, Razan Almutairi, Ohud Alharbi, Salini Joy, Mohammed Al Mutairi. Effect of Glycated Haemoglobin Deviations on Glomerular Filtration Rate and Electrolyte Homeostasis among Paediatric Patients with Type I Diabetes Mellitus. Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research. 2022 Apr, Vol-16(4): SC01-SC05 1. DOI: 10.7860/JCDR/2022/55018.16253 ​                      

S​udersanadas KM, Al Turki M, Abu thyab AZ, Almutairi RS, Alharbi OD et al. (2021) Long-term hyperglycemia triggered growth pattern of pediatrics with Type 1 Diabetes -A Five-year retrospective follow-up study. Advances in Nutrition and Food science: ANAFS-205. DOI: 10.37722/ANAFS.2021103   

Maha Al Turki, Mohamed Abdulfattah, Alhanouf Al Dossri, Hanin Al Dusaymani, Nada Al Shutwi, Tarig Karar. (2021) Impact of Obesity on Biochemical Markers among Patients with Chronic Diseases. Annals of the Romanian Society for Cell Biology, 4625–4632.

Nour Mohamed, Mohammed Al-Harbi, Maha Al Turki et al. (2021) A survey Study to Evaluate the Awareness and Perception of the Role of Anesthesia Technologist among Applied Medical Science Students at KSAU-HS in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: Cross-Sectional Study. International Journal of Medical Science and Innovative Research (IJMSIR); 6 (1):190 – 206.

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M.A. Al Turki, M.S. Mohamud, E. Masuadi et al., (2020) The Effect of Using Native versus Nonnative Language on the Participation Level of Medical Students during PBL Tutorials. Health Professions Education; 6 (4): 447-453

Saeed A, Al Shehri M, Al Saleb A, Othman F, Al Hazmi M, Al Amri F, Ferwana M, Al Yousef MZ, Al Turki M. The association between plasma homocysteine level and metabolic syndrome. A record-based study of Saudi patients attending King Abdulaziz Medical City in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Saudi Medical Journal; 41(9):947-954. https://doi: 10.15537/smj.2020.9.25273.

Paul F. Boston, Stuart J. McKirdy, Maha A. Al-Turki, Margo E. Barker and Jean M. Russell (2019) Vitamin B12 and folate levels in progression of Alzheimer's disease – a short report. International Journal of Psychiatry in Clinical Practice; 24 (1): 68-70

Mohammed Al-Harbi, Nour Mohamed, Nancy Massoud, Razan A Alsaad, Reem Alhabshi, Noor Alkhaldi, Shoug Alqahtani, Winnie Philip, Fatmah Othman, Ibrahim Ibrahim, Maha Al Turki, Salem Al-Shammari, Abdullah Al-Hrabi, Rahaf Alswailem (2019) Occurrence of Post-Operative Nausea and Vomiting among Adult Patients Undergoing Laparoscopic Procedures in the Post Anesthesia Care Unit: Cross sectional study at Tertiary Care Hospital. International Journal of Medical Science and Innovative Research; 4 (6): 32 – 38.

Maha Al Turki, Sarah Al Shloi, Alhanouf Al Harbi, Alanoud Al Agil1, and Fatmah Othman (2019) Effect of breakfast consumption on the cognitive and academic performances in schoolchildren: A cross sectional study in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. International Research Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences: 7 (3):75-83.

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Flatley J. E., Garner C. M., Al-Turki M. A., Manning N. J., Olpin S. E., Barker M. E. and Powers H. J. (2012) Determinants of urinary methylmalonic acid concentration in an elderly population in the United Kingdom. Am J ClinNutr, 95; 686-93.

Al-Turki M. A., Boston P., McKirdy S., and Barker M. E. (2011) Vitamin B12 and folate status in patients with confirmed Alzheimer's disease. Proceedings of the Nutrition Society, 70 (OCE6), E395.



Member of the Curriculum and Assessment Committee, COAMS/ KSAU-hs​


A board member of the Risk Assessment Advisory Committee, Saudi Food & Drug Authority (SFDA).

A board member of the National Nutrition Committee (NNC), Saudi Food & Drug Authority (SFDA).

Chairperson of the Assessment sub-Committee, COAMS/ KSAU-hs

  • Member of Promotion committee,COAMS, KSAU-hs

​Member of the Clinical Nutrition Advisory Committee, KSAU-hs

Member of the Clinical Nutrition Program Self-Study Executive Committee, KSAU-hs

Member of the Quality Assurance and Academic Accreditation (QAAA), COAMS/ KSAU-hs

Member of the Research Committee, COAMS/ KSAU-hs

Member of the Curriculum and Assessment Committee, COAMS/ KSAU-hs​


Healthy Food campaign to the fourth grade students in the 18th primary school in Riyadh city, 2021. 

Healthy Nutrition for the Older Adults campaign targeted the employees of the Social Care Home for the Elderly in Riyadh, 2021 

World Diabetes Day 2020 in cooperation with the Charitable Health Society for Patient Care (Enaya) at the Enaya Health Volunteer Club, 2020. 

KSAU-hs booth at the 1st International Conference of the Saudi Society for Clinical Nutrition (SSCN), 2019. 

Health campaign prepared under the supervision of the Ministry of National Guard in the city of Shaqra and Al Majmaah for health education for school students (4 days campaign), 2019. 

The Nutrition Vision for healthy Women Symposium in KFMC-Riyadh., 2018. 

Eating Disorder Campaign, 2018. 

World Diabetes Day 2018 campaign in KASCH/National Guard, 2018. 

The Biggest Challenge Program for all the students of the University, 2017. 

Healthy Kids: Campaign and program prsented in King Abdullah Specialist Children's Hospital (two days), Princess Noura bint Abdulrahman University (one day) and Hayat Mall (two days), 2017. 

The Community Nutrition Education Event that presented several topics to different target groups; Osteoprosis, My healthy plate, malnutrition, Nutrition and pregnancy, eating disorder, water, 2016.


Organized and participate in the “Saudi Healthy Plate" workshop. This event was to introduce the Saudi Healthy Plate to experts in the nutrition field. Organized by: National Nutrition Committee, 2021 

Speaker at the 3rd Saving Lives Sustainably: Sustainable Production in the Health Sector Global Forum 2020. This virtual event was a part of International Conferences Program, honoring G20 Saudi Presidency Year 2020. Organized by: Saudi Food & Drug Authority (SFDA), United Nations Development Program (UNDP), Health Care without Harm (HCWH), Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida), 2020 

Poster presenter at Aging & Social Change: Ninth interdisciplinary Conference. University of Vienna, Austria, 2019 

Organized & presented a workshop titled: Using Technology to Enhance Teaching and Learning: Exploring Smart Phones, 2016 

Honorable Speaker at the Primary Care Congress, Phoenix, US, 2016 

Speaker at the Health Profession Program Conference. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 2016​ 


Contact information

Office location/number: College of Applied Medical Sciences-F/ 500-01-123

Phone: +966 11 4299999    Ext: 99606

Office location/number: College of Applied Medical Sciences-M 

Phone: +966 11 4299999    Ext: 95220

Email:  ​​​