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 Faculty & Staff Services



In case you need to renew your badge, simply visit the badging office on the fourth floor in the tower building. For any inquiry please contact extension numbers:  92441- 92436. 

Childcare Information

To register your child, simply visit the link below:

Some useful tips:

  • 1. They take children between the ages of 3-6 year olds.
  • 2. The cost is 1400 S.R monthly.
  • 3. They start from 7:00- 5:00
  • 4. The staff is mixed (Saudis & non- Saudis)

For any inquiry please contact Extension Numbers 98703, 98704 or 98705. 


The tram links the males’ campus with the KASCH, the KAMC, the females’ campus & the accommodation.
Waiting in the station will not exceed more than 10 minutes.

The NGHA is providing this service. To book a ride, you can simply dial 011 8044500 or 85 -44500.

Car Permit Sticker:
Getting the car sticker will make easier access for you inside the campus. Kindly visit the link
You will receive an email from the badging office about the date of receiving the sticker.
For any inquiry please contact Extension Numbers:  92441, 92442 or 92436.

Parking Area: (conflict issue) ​

Housing Services