Academic Affairs

We believe that we hold the future in our hands; therefore, we will continue improving our processes and programs to support departments, units, and faculty in accomplishing their teaching, research, and clinical goals. Success can be attained thr​ough creating academic experiences where the boundaries are blurred between on and off campus, teachers and learners.​​ 

College of Applied Medical Science on both female and male are organized into eight academic departments:

  • Anesthesia Technology (ANTS) – Available for Male students.  
  • Clinical Laboratory Sciences (CLSP) – Available for Female students.  
  • Clinical Nutrition (CLNP) – Available for Female students.  
  • Echo-Cardiovascular Technology (ECAV) – Available for Female students.  
  • Emergency Medical Services (EMDS) – Available for both Male and Female students.  
  • Occupational Therapy (OCCT) – Available for both Male and Female students.  
  • Radiological Sciences (RADL) – Available for both Male and Female students.  
  • Respiratory Therapy (RESY) – Available for both Male and Female students.​

As it is our core mission, the Office of Academic Affairs provides services and leadership to facilitate the advancement and development of all departments. In addition, Academic Affairs aim to provide a comprehensive supporting system for both students and faculty member to maintain a successful learning and teaching experience. We make it our mission to educate and nurture our students in a way that produce the most successful healthcare providers to the community.

Academic Affairs Department Staff:

​ Dr. Khalid Al
Dr. Reham KaifiAssistant Dean
Dr. Ziyad Al NufaieiAssistant Dean​
Ms. Mesheil Al
Ms. ​​Samar BakhshAdministrative Officer
Ms. Ohoud ArishAdministrative Assistant​
Ms. Elaf Al SubhiAdministrative Assistant
Ms. Rawan BabgiAdministrative Officer46072