Staff Development Program

The Staff Development Program was initiated on 2021 to improve and enhance the staff professionally through different topics and trainings to encourage innovation and creative thinking by providing the tools and environment for staff to generate fresh ideas and solutions. 

Staff Development Program Responsibilities and Objectives:  

  1. Providing regular training courses, workshops, and seminars related to employee roles.  
  2. Pair experienced employees with newcomers or those looking to develop specific skills.  
  3. Encourage cross-departmental mentoring to promote a broader understanding of the college.  
  4. Encouraging employees to seize the opportunity to learn about the roles and responsibilities of their colleagues in departments  
  5. Bringing in external trainers or using internal experts to conduct workshops.  
  6. Regularly provide constructive feedback during performance reviews, highlighting areas for improvement and growth.
  7. Recognize and reward employees for their commitment to professional development. 

Staff Development Program: Training, workshops, and seminars:

Staff Development​ Program contacts:

Maiymouna Radain
​Hamed Al AmowiIn Charge - Male
Aseel Attas​
Administrative Assistant II
​Elaf Alsubhi
Administrative Assistant II