• ​Research Unit Services

1. Methodology Course (CAMS 301 & 412)​

2. Curricular & Extracurricular Students Research

      • Conduct the students research orientation
      • Review the student's proposals
      • Request the modification in compliance with KAIMRC and IRB requirements
      • Follow up with the students to complete the modifications
      • Create the endorsement letters for the proposal
      • Send the proposal to KAIMRC
      • Follow up with KAIRMC for the scientific
      • Follow up with IRB regarding the IRB approval
      • Communicate with external entities for data collection requests
      • Facilitate students' access to BestCare data
      • Resolve obstacles in the student's projects
      • Prepare proposal modification requests
      • Follow up with IRB regarding the modification approval

3. Research Committee

  • Update the research committee CFO
  • Schedule the research committee for the academic year
  • Send out the meeting invitations monthly
  • Suggest and draft the research committee agenda
  • Collect the publication data monthly
  • Prepare the research committee presentation slides
  • Follow up with members before the meeting to ensure the committee quorum is met
  • Attend the meeting
  • Write the committee meeting minutes
  • Prepare the committee attendance sheet
  • Send the committee meeting minutes for the deans' approval
  • Send the approved meeting minutes to the vice president of educational affairs
  • Perform open tasks in the meeting minutes
  • Follow up with other responsible people regarding the assigned tasks from the committee
  • Draft the committee resolutions for approval
  • Distribute the committee resolutions to the college programs, faculty, and students
  • Suggest the male and female student representatives for the committee