IRB Process​

IRB Process

    1. Requireme​nts:

To receive an IRB approval, the research project must be processed through KAIMRC to obtain a scientific approval. The PI might receive modification request from IRB in which he/she has 5 days to response before terminating the process.

    1. IRB renewal/ extension:

    • - Official signed memorandum from the project PI  address to the IRB Chairman requesting extension
    • - Completed Annual Extension Status Report form (with signature, badge and date)
    • - Financial report form (for funded study)
    • - The PI must send the above to the IRB:
      CC the Research Unit for follow up​
1​​​Request for Extension.docx
2Annual Status Report Form.doc
3Financial Report Form.xls

    1. Adding Sub-investigators:

    • - Official signed memo from PI requesting for Amendment of Sub-investigators list.
    • - Modified proposal cover page
    • - copy again the name of original sub-investigators and then write the names of new sub-investigators and get their signature across their names (previous members no need to sign) only new ones
    • - PI's signature on Assurance part (#8) and put the date.
    • - Updated CV of new sub-investigators
    • - The PI must send the above to the IRB:
    • CC  the Research Unit for follow up​
1Additional Sub-investigators.docx

    1. IRB Amendment:

    • - Official signed memo from PI to IRB Chairman (see attached template memo)
    • - modified proposal with highlighted track changes
    • - Clean copy of the proposal
    • - The PI must send the above to the IRB:
    • CC ​ the Research Unit for follow up​
1Request for Protocol Amendment.docx

    1. Grants and Incentives:

The Research Unit distributes two types of grants; internal reoccurring grant through KAIMRC and External on- time grant. The requirements of internal grants and incentives are attached in the below table.

1Research Grant Application Guidelines.pdf
2post-award guide.pdf