About Student's Club

The student’s club is the headquarters of volunteer students to participate in student activities in various fields such as cultural, social, sports, media or other fields.

  1. Contribute to introduce the university and the college through active participation in various activities.
  2. Enhance communication between students and college administrations.
  3. Manage, arrange and develop the activities hosted by Deanship of Student Affairs.
  4. Organize students’ participations in the activities to give each student a chance to participate.
  5. Establish a strong and loyal relationship between the students and the university.
  6. Develop students' abilities, talents and experiences in various fields.
  7. Create an effective and attractive environment for the students.
  8. Develop the awareness of students’ opportunities available on campus and encourage them to participate and be active in all activities.
  9. ​Each student has the right to be a member of the Student’s Club. Registration is open for the membership annually by filling out the registration form.