Program Learning Outcomes

Program Learning Outcomes
​Knowledge and Understanding

Outline the appropriate dietary modifications needed to p​romote health/or for treating of different nutrition related diseases and formulate an appropr​iate treatm​​​ent plan in clinical settings.


Describe the role of nutrients in the major metabolic pathways and cellular, molecular and genetic basis of disease and their application in dietetic practice in diet clinics.


List the steps in the development of diet related non-communicable diseases and their complications and the relationship between nutrition and infections in diet clinics.


Evaluate dietetics practice and the need for continued professional development in clinical circumstances.


Explain the importance of safe handling of food, the related legislation and the effects of preparation and processing on the nutrient composition of food in laboratory set-ups.


Explain the importance of scientific inquiry including evidence-based practice through the principles of research design, data management and statistical analysis and interpretation in laboratory settings


Evaluate clinical condition scenario and nutritional status for in​dividualized therapeutic menu planning in food service setting


Communicate effectively at an appropriate level of understanding with patient and family in in-patient and outpatient clinics.

S6Design research proposals using IT sources in lab vicinities.
S7​Analyze data using Statistical software in the lab.

Participate in scientific research, community, and inter-professional activities related to clinical nutrition

S9Operate appropriate instruments efficiently in anthropometric measurements to assess nutritional status of individuals in the lab.
S10Perform a complete physical examination of patients to detect any signs of malnutrition in diet clinics
S11Conduct experiments in Food analysis in Lab set ups
V1Demonstrate proper professional behavior and work ethics in various localities such as in-patient and outpatient clinics and laboratories
V2Show self-learning Skills in the in the library

Illustrate effective leadership skills and team work in laboratory and clinical settings.