Program Learning Outcomes

Program Learning Outcomes
1.0 Knowledge​
1.1 Recall principle ECVT knowledge necessary to function as an ECVT specialist.
1.2Describe skills of safe technical performance of cardiovascular procedures.
2.0 Cognitive Skills
2.1Differentiate between adult and pediatric patients in various cardiac situations.
2.2Interpret issues related to appropriate application of skills in the echo lab.
3.0 Interpersonal Skills & Responsibility
3.1Demonstrate leadership ability in the field of ECVT.
3.2Illustrate the use of group dynamics as therapeutic tool to deal with critical incidents and develop critical thinking.
3.3Demonstrate ethical consideration in academic and professional practice.
4.0 Communication, Information Technology, Numerical
4.1Illustrate writing and presentation skills.
4.2Operate computer applications relating to Echo equipment.
4.3Analyse statistical values in research based work.
5.0 Psychomotor
5.1Illustrate the ability to setup and operate the echo machine and related equipment.
5.2Prepare the patient for Echo session.
5.3Show the ability to obtain standard echocardiographic views and accurate measurements.
5.4Apply safety and personal protective measures during ECVT practice.