Community & Students Activities

Tasarf I Campaign

A public campaign to represent the importance of Emergency Medical Services role in the community and how to treat patients correctly in several emergency situations. Also, each section prepared a quick summary about how the public should provide home first aid.


Multaqa Makkah

A practical first aid and CPR courses as a preparation for the servants of (Hajj and Umrah visitors) to provide primary care.


Jeddah Season

Volunteering groups of KSAU-HS students were located in different locations of the season activities to provide primary medical care under the EMS department supervision.

Educational Courses

A basic first aid course and correcting the most common mistakes for schools in National Guard housing.
A first aid course for the public in Prince Fawaz District Center for summer activities.

Saudi Red Crescent Authority

EMS students volunteered with SRCA weekly in the holy mosque and in special seasons such as Ramadan (Umrah) and Hajj. ​​​

COVID-19 Pandemic 

EMS students volunteered as EMS providers in KAMC-WR during the pandemic. ​

​Tas​arf II Campaign

 EM​​MS students volunteered

- On weekly bases in the holy mosque in Makkah.
- In special seasons:
​Ramadan (Umrah).

Tasarf​ |||

This activity was implemented by a group of students under the supervision of faculty members from the emergency medical services program for the largest population to educate them about heart attacks and strokes that are common in the prehospital setting. This activity was conducted from 16-17 of March, 2023.​