​​​Academic Affairs Mission

The office of Academic Affairs strives to enhance the curricula and academic courses for high school graduates to achieve excellence by developing processes that are responsive to intellectual, Healthcare, and cultural needs under the supervision of highly skilled professionals.


To provide General Pre-Professional Program educational courses for COSHP students, to support the knowledge enterprise development by advancing research, clinical and creative activities that promote discovery, innovation, and human understanding.


Students will be able to apply the standards of the National and international Association of Healthcare Professionals Code of Ethics to make ethical decisions.
Strengthen students research methods to address Medical and Non-Medical engagements.
To oversee Faculty and Students to demonstrate the utilization of conceptual frameworks to guide the processes of assessment.
Students will be able to develop mutual​ly agreed upon interventions to address global health organs.

Departments: ​

Basic Sciences
English Language

Roles of Academic Affairs 

Implementation of the College plans regarding to educational and academic affairs.

Supervising the implementation of regulations and executive rules governing educ​ational and academic work.

Supervising the preparation of the annual plans of the college related entities and following up their implementation, preparing annual reports, and submitting them to the dean of COSHP.

Supervising the development of curricula and college plans in accordance with KSAU-HS standards.

Supervising all related departments and educational academic units associated with, following them, and directing them towards implementing their objectives and achieving their mission.

Supervising the conduct of Examinations and forming their committees, in coordination with related departments.

Preparing Reports to pursue Quality and Development aspect of Excellency.

Supervising scientific studies that serve educational and academic development aspects.


​Contact Information​​

D​epartment Email: 

Riyadh: COSHP.ASSO.ACA.RM@k​sau-hs.edu.sa​

Jeddah: ​UPPPJ-ACADEMICSF@ksau-hs.edu.sa​​


Telephone: Ri​​yadh:   011-4299999​           Jeddah:   012-2246666    ​

Extension:    Riyadh:   95508 - 95612          Jeddah:  45631 - 45622