The mission of the English Department is to develop students’ English language skills. To fulfill this mission, it offers an intensive 4-trimester English Language Program for intermediate and advanced level students in the 2-Year Pre-Professional Phase in the College of Science and Health Professions at King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences. The goal of this English Language Program is to provide students with extensive daily practice in academic reading, vocabulary, oral communication, grammatical structures, and writing. Overall, the English Department aims to help these students acquire the language skills necessary for pursuing careers in the health sciences and undergoing practical training in an environment where English will be a principal medium of instruction and communication.



1.T​o help students improve their listening and speaking skills.

2.To provide students with a systematic review of English syntax.

3.To help students improve their academic reading and critical thinking skills.

4.To help students apply reading and critical thinking skills to academic writing at the paragraph and essay levels.

5.To provide students with a developmental, step-by-step approach to paragraph writing in preparation for multi-paragraph essay writing at a high intermediate level.

6.To help students develop an understanding of referencing techniques used in writing essays and scientific research papers.

7.To assist students to read nonverbal information they mostly find in health sciences books via charts, diagrams, … etc.

8.To provide special assistance to students through an English remedial program.

9.To help students in their academic studies when they are assigned to different health sciences colleges as it is the main language of instruction.

​Department's Contact Male​

Riyadh​          ​eng​lisha@k​sau-hs.edu.sa                       (+966-011) 4299999 Ext. 95568-95336​     

Al-Ahsa​      marriali@k​sau-hs.edu.sa                              (+966-011) 4299999 Ext. 95568-29182​ ​
Jeddah      englishm-jed@k​sau-hs.edu.sa               (+966-011) 4299999 Ext. 45420

​Department's Contact Female
​          ​ecoshp-f.eng@k​sau-hs.edu.sa            (+966-011) 4299999 Ext.99865​
Jeddah      englishf-jed@k​sau-hs.edu.sa                  (+966-011) 4299999 Ext. 45462​