​Faculty Orientation

The Faculty orientation is to improve faculty members' teaching abilities by providing them with access to resources that encourage innovation and revitalization. It encourages faculty to utilize the available services, all of which are intended for educational and developmental purposes.


Orientation main​​

Enhancing Teaching Skills: The primary goal is to help faculty members improve their teaching skills, making them more effective educators.

Connecting with Resources: Faculty orientation aims to connect faculty with various resources, such as teaching materials, technology, and support services, to aid in their teaching and research efforts.

Supporting Student Success: Ultimately, Faculty orientation is oriented towards the goal of improving student outcomes by equipping faculty with the tools and knowledge to better educate and support their students.

Familiarizing Faculty with Campus Infrastructure: Provide general guidance to faculty members regarding university buildings, classrooms, campus locations, departments, and branches, helping them navigate and interact efficiently within the campus.

Introduction to Administrative Departments and Services: Familiarize faculty members with various administrative departments within the university and the services they offer, assisting them in dealing with administrative and organizational procedures.

Information about Work Hours and Leaves: Guide faculty members on official working hours, official holidays, university breaks, and other related matters, aiding them in time management and compliance with university policies

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