Student Orientation

Student orientation plays a pivotal role in welcoming new students to our college, setting the tone for their academic journey. The program, aptly named "بداية خير," is a one-day event organized by the Student Affairs Department in collaboration with the "أرشدني" Office. This orientation aims to familiarize students with the college environment, academic expectations, and available support services.

The day begins with a warm reception for students, accompanied by an introductory welcome speech.

Notably, the university president delivers a welcoming address, underscoring the institution's commitment to providing a supportive and enriching learning experience.

Following this, the Dean of COSHP a speech, emphasizing the significance of the students' academic pursuits in the health field.

The program continues with an informative video presentation about the Deanship of Student Affairs, providing insights into the various services and resources available to students.

This is followed by a dialogue session introducing the academic program and its components, fostering an understanding of the academic expectations and resources at their disposal.

Another dialogue session follows, shedding light on the diverse student services and affairs available.

Students are presented with an informative video about the College of Health Sciences, offering an overview of the programs, faculty, and facilities. Additionally, students are encouraged to participate in a survey, providing valuable feedback on their orientation experience.

To conclude the day, students embark on a guided tour of the university campus, offering a firsthand look at the facilities and resources available. This interactive approach ensures that students not only receive information, but​​ also have the opportunity to engage with the university environment.

In summary, "بداية خير" is a comprehensive student orientation program designed to acclimate new students to our college, fostering a sense of belonging and readiness for their academic journey. Through a combination of informative sessions, video presentations, and campus tours, the program strives to equip students with the knowledge and resources necessary for a successful and fulfilling university experience.