Program Overview
Currently the department of Public Health offers a Master Degree in Public Health (MPH) .The aim of this program is to overcome the severe shortage of qualified capabilities in the field of public health in the KSA. Graduates of the program will be able​ to contribute to the development and application of public health interventions at healthcare institutions, and in the community, and to solve the problems that may stand in the way of the advancement of public health and its utilization. KSAU-HS offers this degree with the highest international standards in the specialty with a view to becoming the national and regional center for Public Health advancement.​


Program Description
It is a two-year full-time program for health science or social science graduates with work experience from a variety of health-related backgrounds. The program provides up-to-date factual information and practical skills necessary to improve professional competence; it supports participants to become proficient in analyzing health problems and critically appraising solutions appropriate to their own context. Graduates will acquire a range of knowledge and skills that prepare them​​ for work at senior levels in public health. They will be able to apply the knowledge and skills gained throughout the program, to synthesize information from a wide range of sources and act on it, plan, implement and evaluate critically, implement health care interventions, make appropriate decisions that make the best use even of scarce resources, and foster an approach that will enable them to continue to learn in the future. The curriculum, which has been accredited by Saudi Commission for Health Specialties, consists of a foundation course, thirteen specialty courses (39 credit hours), followed by a research project (3 credit hours), which brings the total to 42 units.

Intended Audience
Students with background in health-related fields such as Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, Pharmacy, and Laboratory.


The Master Degree in Public Health (MPH) Program runs full-time for two calendar years.​

Program Venue
Riyadh Campus