The Health Systems Management Program​ at KSAU-HS is dedicated to making a lasting positive impact on Health Systems performance and outcomes in Saudi Arabia and the Region.


Health Systems Management Program​

Message From the Program Director 

I​ would like to welcome you to the home page of the Health Systems Management program.
The HSM program offers the M​aster of Public Health in Health Systems Management, the first of its kind in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The program is unique in its design as it combines science, knowledge and skills in both public health and health systems management.


The HSM program aims primarily to prepare future leaders who will assume strategic leadership roles in the Saudi healthcare system. There has never been a better time to be at the forefront of the current major transformation of the healthcare system, anchored in the ambitious Saudi Vision 2030 and based on the strong political will and unprecedented commitment at the highest levels of the wise rulers and visionary leaders of this country, His Majesty King Salman, and His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman, may Allah protect them.

We are committed to rising to the occasion and making a valuable contribution to the vision of a healthy population by improving the value, efficiency, quality, access, equity, and effectiveness of healthcare services in the Kingdom. We are well positioned to deliver on this promise by implementing the key pillars of academic institutions:

1) Contemporary education and training in management and leadership

2) High-impact research in health policy and health systems

3) High-quality consulting services in management and leadership, drawing on the extensive expertise of HSM faculty

4) Community service and social responsibility initiatives that address the needs of population and community, civic, and scientific organizations, and societies.


Our students learn not only the knowledge and theories of health care management and leadership, but also practical applications. Students engage in team-based class exercises, program design and evaluation, quality improvement projects, and advanced case analysis using carefully selected management case studies developed at Ivy League business schools across the United States.

Since its inception in 2008, the program has produced a proud 13 batches of students. Graduates of the program have successfully assumed leadership positions in healthcare organizations, public health systems, and Saudi visioning programs.


We welcome local and international collaborations and partnerships with institutions and individuals who share our vision and mission.


Khalid Alahmary, PhD

Program Director

Health Systems Management Program