Student Affairs Department

About Us
Student Activities are an important hub to fully achieve the goals of the educational process. On this basis, the university seeks to provide many activities designed to support, refine, and develop the personality of the student. Students' Affairs Department at the College of Public Health & Health Informatics conducts cultural, awareness-related, religious, artistic, sport, social, and scientific activities which seek to care for students' behavior at university by implementing well-studied programs which aim in turn to develop the spirit of responsibility and belonging in students and so create a suitable environment through their active participation in one of those activities. The student activities unit tries to provide opportunities for the largest possible number of students willing to participate in extra-curricular activities by caring for their talents and taking their ideas into account by implementing them which helps in discovering their abilities and potential and which will consequence help in directing and containing them. Student activities are a collective work by no means dependent on a single individual and its success depends on the effort and participation of the team and the competence of its leaders


Duties of the Student Affairs
  1. -Contacting the Deanship of Student Affairs to inquire about everything related to the students.
  2. -Involving students in decision-making through the activities held by the deanship.
  3. -Paying attention to the time spent by the students outside the classroom, investing it in programs that can achieve a better integration of their personalities and -provide them with life skills that help them serve themselves, their community, and their homeland.
  4. -Facilitating the university experience for the students, and providing them with everything that has the ability to raise the level of their educational attainment, in all fields.
  5. -Following up on the progress of the final exams in the college, including all its departments.
  6. -Overseeing release procedures for students expected to graduate.
  7. -Examining the problems of students and proposing solutions to them, coordinating this process with the departments.
  8. -Receiving and examining student transactions that are submitted to the Ruling Committee. This committee is responsible for examining the violations committed by students.
  9. -Looking into the complaints and grievances of students, in general.
  10. -Receiving graduation certificates and delivering them to the graduates.
  11. -Working to introduce students to academic programs, university systems and laws, as well as the study system and regulations.

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Yazeed Aljurifani
Raad Al Aqeliy
Administrative Assistant 
Ahmed Alanazi​
Student affairs Officer
Nasser Alshammari
Student affairs Officer
Meshail Alsaadi
Administrative Assistant


Departmental Email: CPHHI_ST@ksau-hs.edu.sa ​ ​​​​​ ​