General Rules

  • - Library is for reading and research only, Gatherings and meetings are not allowed.
  • - College ID /Badge should be worn face-out always inside the library.​​
  • - Silence shall be maintained in the library. Readers shall behave with dignity and decorum.
  • - Mobile phones and electronic gadgets are not allowed to be used inside the library.
  • -Those entering in the library shall record the details of their visit and departure in a register kept for the purpose.
  • - Bags and private belongings are not allowed inside the library. Such materials may be kept on the racks kept for the purpose near the entrance. However the library staff will not be responsible for their safety and has no responsibility for personal belongings left in the library.
  • - Eating, drinking and sleeping are not allowed inside the library.
  • - No one will be allowed to borrow books without Library membership. All materials taken out of the Library must be issued by the library staff at the Circulation counter.
  • - The borrowers must take good care of the books in their possessions. There is a policy for a damaged book.
  • - Books, furniture and other library materials shall not be tampered. They shall be handled with care. No person shall write upon or make any marks in the books or by any other manner deface or cause damage reducing the value of library books. Contravention to the above will be considered as an offence.
  • - Any verbal or physical abuse against library staff will be reported to CPHHI administration and treated as a violation of the University’s code of conduct according to the student by-laws.
  • - On all working days the Circulation Counter and Internet Services will be closed half an hour before the closing of the library.
  • - Print and copy facility is restricted with library materials only and personal documents cannot be allowed. - Making copy or print maximum 20 pages are allowed at a time per user.
  • The library follows international copyright laws.