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The Assessment & Examination Unit (AEU), was established in 2009 and is responsible for executing and monitoring the progress of all the college courses assessment and evaluations throughout the year. The regulations of AEU were developed in accordance with the rules and regulations of the KSAU-HS study and examination bylaws. The Unit implements the policies and procedures in accordance with the University Assessment Board.

Main responsibilities:

• Creating and updating the Data Bank for examinations.
• Theory examination preparation, internal review, printing, moderation, analysis, validation of results, and grade report generation.
• Clinical OSCE/OSVE coordination, grading, and results posting.
• Progress Test preparation, distribution, analysis, and reporting.
• Grading and results report preparation for College Council.
• Posting and announcing final course grades on the Student Information System (SIS).
• Storage of all OMR examination sheets as per policy.
• Arranging with Academic & Students Affairs for students appealing or grievance.
• Coordinating with Quality Assurance Units for monitoring and overseeing the quality assurance process for all submitted exams and related material.