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College of Nursing Al Ahsa Faculty Enhancement Unit
Faculty Enhancement Unit College of Nursing Al Ahsa Campus was developed to promote advancement in knowledge, skills, research and community involvement among faculty and staff members. The unit main goal is the development of College of Nursing teaching staff to help them grow in their scholarly and professional work.

Committee responsibilit​y:
1. Propose a yearly educational calendar for CON-A faculty and identify educational needs for faculty and staff.
2. Developing and implementing training and educational workshops based on staff needs.
3. Creating a database for faculty and staff for attended educational training activities.
4. Arrange faculty development workshops, seminars, continuing education courses, clinical and educational skills development programs.
5. Prepare the committees’ annual report.

Examples of Applied topics:
• Basic COVID-19 course
• Blackboard
• 3D Printing in Health Care Setting
• At-Taqyeem Assessment Management System
• Enhanced External Counter Pulsation
• Drama in Nursing Education -Learning about Conflict Management
• Context Awareness in Digital Library
• “Updates on the Internal Quality Assurance System (IQAS)”
• MS Outlook Fundamentals

Surveys :
• Faculty Enhancement Needs Assessment Survey
• Faculty Enhancement Evaluation Survey