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​​Welcome to the College of Nursing Al Ahsa!

       As a new student in the College of Nursing at King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences, there are many things you need to know. The first year can be confusing but with the right information brough​t to your hand, your experience will be easier and more rewarding.
Your first step will be with the Student Affairs Department where part of the schedule for the general orientation day is given to you. The general orientation program is conducted on the first week of the semester and it is an event YOU MUST NOT MISS!
Student Affairs provides several services for nursing students. It seeks to simplify procedures of students’ issues, needs, and concerns during their academic years, guiding them to the right department and assisting them to benefit from its services speedily.​​
In brief, the Student Affairs Department is the home of services that guarantee student success and supports their academic and personal development during their academic life as students at KSAU-HS.
In coordination with other departments in the college, representatives from each department are invited to present the essential information and procedures you must follow to complete your freshman package.
To make sure you are on the right track, we have prepared the following checklist of items you need to acquire as a new student.

Student Affairs Department:
​​​           Students’ Referral to Outpatient Clinics, King Abdulaziz Hospital (KAH), MNGHA Referral Student to Outside Clinic  , NGHA
​​​           Student’s Locker
​​​           Counseling Services
​          ​​• Etmam Clearness Clearance Services​

Information Technology Unit:
​​​          Student KSAU-HS Account
​​​           Student Information System Account
​​​          ​• Blackboard User Account

Library Services:
          ​​• Book Borrowing Procedures & Guidelines
​​​          ​• Audio-Visual Materials
​​​           Study Areas

Research Unit:
​​​           Orientation Survey
​​​           ​Orientation Evaluation Form 
​​​           Research Unit Brochure

Deanship of Student Affairs:
​           Student Club
​           Student Fund