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  1. ​​Circulation Services
    Circulation books are loaned for requests made in person. Students are entitled to draw out three (3) books with different titles at any time. Circulation books are loaned out for 3 days and renewable if not in-demand.

  2. Reference Services.
    CON A Library helps you with general information or in-depth research questions, analyses users' needs to determine, to search, to acquire, and to provide appropriate information and use it effectively for Research purposes.
  3. Online Literature Searching.
    The library conducts literature searches on a medical topic or verifies a list of citation for specific research.  Requested articles or related researches through email and in-person are immediately responded by the library staff.
  4. Computer Workstations.
    Computers and Internet facilities are provided to support the education, research and service mission of the campus.

  5. Instructional Media Services
    The library houses a collection of audiovisual materials such as Videocassettes, DVD, CD-ROMs, Cassette tapes and other non-print materials.

  6. current-awareness service
    The purpose of a current-awareness service is to inform the users about new acquisitions in their library by posting list of new arrival books on the announcement board or sending distribution E-mails   

  7. Library Orientation
    To promote maximum utilization of the library resources, facilities, services as well as rules and regulations, the library offers a guided library orientation for clinical students upon request.

  8. Photocopying Services
    Facilities for making copies of library materials are available. Student is allowed to photocopy 10 pages per day.​