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​​​Activities Calender for 2021-2022 :

Master Students
Under Graduate


September“It's just a survey": the most abused research design for healthcare professionals! How to do these robustlyDr. Lyvonne Tume  Salford University (UK)21 Sept 2021

OctoberPhD by published works: the process and the pitfallsProf. Alison Brettle
Salford University (UK)
12 Oct 2021

 Research unit orientation and KIMARC submissionProf. Ekhlas Al Gamal
20th Oct 2021
November Beyond bracketing: Use of self in search of others' lived experience.Dr. Donna Peach
Salford University (UK)
9 Nov2021 

 Plagiarism: Avoiding and CheckingProf. Jehad Halabi
11 Nov 2021

 3rd CON International ConferenceAll unit members
16-17 Nov 2021

DecemberResearching educational interventionsProf. Jacqui Leigh
Salford University (UK)
7 Dec2021

 Research DesignDr. Faiza Al Jarmeez
9th Dec 2021

JanuaryThere's magic in the middle!" Being transparent and convincing in qualitative analysisProf. Tony Long
Salford University (UK)
11 Jan 2022

FebruaryResearch ethical issuesDr. Randa Elsayed
10th Feb 2022


 Data collectionDr. Vathana Pazhanivelu
Ms. Rehab Almutrafi
17th Feb 2022

March“There is no conflict" Why the research paradigms are (1) not paradigms and (2) not conflicting. Problems in a study of childhood brain tumoursProf. Tony Long
Salford University (UK)
8 Mar2022

 SPSS Data analysisDr. Zainab Ambani
22th Mar 2022

AprilEffect of Educational Intervention on Knowledge and Attitude of Nursing Students Regarding Stem Cells Therapy (Journal club)Dr. Hend Elazazey
7th Apr 2022

 Effect of Educational Intervention on Knowledge and Attitude Regarding Liver Transplantation of Nursing Students at College of Nursing Al AHSA (Journal club)Ms. Jennifer Atinza Maravilla
21st Apr 2022

JuneConsenting patients-Arabic perspectivesProf. Ekhlas Al Gamal
7th June 2022

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