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No.​      NameResearch TitlePlace of PublicationYear of Publication
1.         Prof. Ekhlas Al‐GamalInforming mothers of neonatal death and the need for family‐centered bereavement care: A phenomenological qualitative study.Journal for Specialists in Pediatric Nursing
2.         Dr. Zainab AmbaniThe impact of COVID-19
pandemic on the level of depression among health care workers: cross-sectional study
3.         Dr. Faiza AljarameezThe Relationship of Structural Empowerment and Organizational
Commitment Among Staff Nurses in Saudi Arabia: A Comparative Correlational Cross-sectional Study.
Journal of Health, Medicine and Nursing2021
4.         Dr. Faiza AljarameezThe Relationships of Structural Empowerment, Psychological
Empowerment and Organizational Commitment in Staff Nurses in Saudi Arabia.
Nursing & Primary Care2021
5.         Prof. Jehad O. Halabi
Professional Competence Among
Registered Nurses Working in Hospitals
in Saudi Arabia and Their Experiences of
Quality of Nursing Care and Patient Safety
Journal of Transcultural Nursing2021
6.         Dr. Amel AbouelfettohQuality of life of families with
celiac disease children in
Eastern Province of Saudi


Cl​inical Practice

7.         Dr. Zainab AmbaniThe nursing practice environment and nurse job outcomes: A path analysis of survey data.Journal of Clinical Nursing.‏2021
8.         Dr. Heba Shafeik MohamedSocial Support and Morality Among Community Dwelling EldersJournal of Health, Medicine and Nursing2020
9.         Dr. Zainab AmbaniNursing Surge Capacity Strategies for Management of
Critically Ill Adults with COVID-19
Nursing reports 2020
10.     Prof. Jehad HalabiAssessing self-reported competence among registered nurses working as a culturally diverse work force in public hospitals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.Journal of Transcultural Nursing2020
​11.     Prof. Ekhlas Al GamalHealth satisfaction and family impact of parents of children with cancer: a descriptive cross-sectional studyScandinavian Journal of Caring Sciences 2019
12.  ​  Dr. Zainab Ambani
          Dr. Faiza Aljarameez
Content Validation of the Arabic Translation of the Practice Environment Scale of the Nursing Work Index-Revised Journal of nursing measurement2019
13.     Dr. Zainab Ambani
The effectiveness of pressure ulcer prevention programme: A comparative study. International wound journal.‏International wound journal.‏2019
​14.     Dr. Heba Shafeik MohamedRelationship between Perceived Stress, Psychological Wellbeing and Emotional Competence among Baccalaureate Nursing Students: an Egyptian SampleJournal of Health, Medicine and Nursing2019​