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​​​Research Unit Services that offered at CON-A Research Unit:

1- Blind peer review of Research proposal

2- Conducting research workshops and seminars in collaboration with national and international speakers from multi-displinary team.

3- Enhancing and encouraging faculty to conduct cross-disciplinary research that addresses National priority and problems and increases the knowledge of topics related to community.

4- Enform curriculum design and ensure teaching is evidence based.

5- Develop creative and original research

6- Providing hands-on research proposal writings and publications for both faculty and students

7- To guide faculty for external research fund.

8-  To disseminate research findings effectively by conducting research days and organizing international conferences

9- To build internal (across the KSAU-HS) and external networks (national and internal)

10- To apply and follow up with mentorship program for faculty and students

11- Consultation of IRB approval from KIMARC

12- Contributes and supports the research projects of colleges and reviews the interpretation of results and collaborates on the preparation of manuscripts for publication.

13- Participates in the analysis of collected data

14- Assists in updating the database systems regularly and ensures that collected data are added in the research database by entering codes, transcriptions, tabulations of retrieved data, and regular assigned research projects

15- Assists in monitoring ongoing studies, identifying problems and/or inconsistencies, recommending corrective action as appropriate, and ensuring compliance with research protocols and regulatory agencies