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Scholarship Unit has created to serve all scholarly needs, information, policies and requirements. The Unit coordinates all scholars with faculty members in different fields of Nursing to address academic advising and program review and guide them to implement a successful academic plan that meets all international academic institution’s policies.
Scholarship Unit ensures and provide the scholars with the best possible academic opportunities from well-recognized academic programs that aligned with governmental and institutional goals and vision.
Scholarship Unit has a database; each scholar has a profile with all of their data. The university has launched a scholarship system which allows scholars to create an account and add and follow their requests systematically.

1. Information dissemination regarding all government policies and requirements concerning scholarships.
2. Ensure scholars compliance to mandatory training policies, academic requirements and government processes.
3. In constant communication with the Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission to the U.S. (SACM) and other concerned government bureau concerning college scholar’s academic progress and status.
4. Act as a facilitator between the University’s Postgraduate Education and the scholar.
5. Organizes workshops and special meetings for pre-scholars on an individual or group basis to orient and initiate them to all requirements and policies about scholarship.
6. Reviews programs and curriculums of different international educational institutions to ensure it is parallel to the Kingdoms cultural belief and academic goals.
7. Ensure approved programs and curriculums to be taken by scholars are accredited by the Ministry of Education (MOE) Safeer System.
8. Constant monitoring of all scholar’s academic progress to ensure smooth completion of their program and fulfilled academic goals.
9. Ensures all inconveniences and or difficulties experienced by both pre-scholars and scholars abroad are handled efficiently.
10. Foster competitive academic competency and strong professionalism.

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Dr. Aziza Al Shehab
Chairperson, Scholarship Unit
+966 13 562-9000     Ext. 29492

Dr. Faiza Aljarameez
Co-Chairperson, Scholarship Unit
+966 13 562-9000     Ext. 28327​

Noura Althani
Admin Assistant Scholarship Unit
+966 11 4299999      Ext. 29483