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Unit Charges

  • ​Provide consultations to faculty and students with research related activities such as funding resources, data management, data collection, data analysis, and journal indexing.​

    ​Organize and conduct new student and new faculty members research unit orientation.

    Facilitate and monitor faculty research mentorship and KAIMRC fellowship.

    ​Maintain partnership with KAIMRC and the KSAU-HS Research Office in relation to the offered faculty and student research services.

    ​Represent CON-R in the KSAU-HS Research Board to be up to date with the university research related policies and activities.​

    ​Serve as the scientific committee for planning, executing, and monitoring the conduction of CON-R program at the annual KSAU-HS Health Professions Conference or other scientific events.

    ​Plan, execute, and monitor the conduction of CON-R periodic research days and conferences.

    ​Organize and facilitate peer review of faculty and student research proposals.​

    ​Provide support to faculty and students in obtaining IRB approvals through KAIMRC.​

    Establish and maintain database for faculty and student scholarly work.

    ​Plan, coordinate, and conduct student and faculty research related workshops based on annual needs assessment.​

    ​Monitor the unit performance and develop action plans for continuous improvement (if any).

    ​Prepare and submit Annual Unit Achievement and research KPI report. ​

    ​Represent CON-R Research Unit in CON Research Committee.

Research Unit Chairperson:

Dr. Nojoud AlHarbi, Assistant Professor, Nursing Department, CON-R​


Research Unit Co-Chairperson:

Dr. Shaykhah  AlBashir​, Assistant Professor, Nursing Department, CON-R

Research Unit Members:

Dr. Najla Barnawi, Assistant Professor, Nursing Department, CON-R

Dr. Amal Khalaif Alanizi​, Assistant Professor, Nursing Department, CON-R

Dr. Wjdan AlMutairi, Assistant Professor, Nursing Department, CON-R

Dr. Hanem Abd Elmawla, Assistant Professor, Nursing Department, CON-R

Dr. Faiza Abou El Soud, Assistant Professor, Nursing Department, CON-R

Dr. Rehab AlHazmi, Assistant Professor, Nursing Department, CON-R

Dr. Latifah AlAnizi​​, Lecturer, Nursing Department, CON-R

Ms. Wejdan Shaqiqi, Lecturer, Nursing Department, CON-R

Ms. Halah Saeed, Teaching Assistant​, Nursing Department, CON-R

Ms. Jamilah AlDawsari, Teaching Assistant, Nursing Department, C​ON-R

Ms. Dalal Al Faris, Research Assistant I, Research Unit, CON-R

​Ms. Shuaya Alotaibi, Administrative Officer III​, Research Unit, CON-R​