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Research Title
​​ Place of Publication
​​Year of Publication
Dr. Najla ​A Barnawi
Aria Aulia Nastiti
Mira Triharini
Ni Komang Ayu Santika
Yulis Setiya Dewi
Hidayat Arifin
Determinants of caesarean section delivery: a nationwide study in Indonesia​British Journal of Midwifery​​2022
Dr. Arwa Alhamed
Omar Alshaya
Sara Althewaibi​
Lolwa Fetyani 
Shaden Alshehri 
Fai Alnashmi
Shmeylan Alharbi 
Mohammed Alrashed 
Saleh Alqifari 
Abdulrahman Alshaya
Calci​um Channel Blocker Toxicity: A Practical Approach​​

​Journal of Multidisciplinary Healthcare
Dr .Alyaa Farouk 
AbdelFattah Ibrahim , 
Neama Yousef Mohamed Hantira
Community Awareness, Preparedness, Precautionary Measures and Self- Quarantine Activities Related to COVID-19 Pandemic in Egypt​
Egyptian Journal of Health Care, 2022 EJHC Vol 13. No. 1​2022​
Dr. Sitah Alshutwi 
Fatmah Alsharif
Faygah Shibily  
Wedad Almutairi 
Monir Almotairy
Maram Algabbashi
Maintaining Clinical Training Continuity during COVID-19 Pandemic: Nursing Students’ Perceptions about Simulation-Based Learning​​International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health​​
Dr. Amel Dawod Kamel 
Rania Mahmoud Abdel Ghani 
Dr. Mona Rkhiyes Alanazi 
Sha​hira Mohamed Metwaly 
Sandra Mohamed Ahmed
Sahar Mansour Ibrahim 
The burden of multiple sclerosis among postpartum women and self-management’s challenges: Pilot study of supportive program​Multiple Sclerosis and Related Disorders​​2022​

​Livana PH

Sugeng Eko Irianto Midhu Kurian

Dr. Amel Dawod Gouda

Compliance level of the wear of masks of street vendors during the covid-19 pandemic ​​
Journal of Economics and Public Health​2022​
Ms. Rufa Mitsu
Dr. Eman Dawood
Cyberbullying: An Overview​
Indonesian Journal of Global Health Research​​2022
Dr. Moudi Albargawi
Noof Albaz
Sarah M. Alyousif 
Abdullah Mohammed Alzahem
​International trends of​ nursing career path: A systematic review​Saudi Journal for Health Sciences​​2022
Dr. Arwa Al Hamed
Monir Almotairy
Ahmed Nahari, 
Ahmad Aboshaiqah 
Hamza Moafa
Physicians perception about primary care nurse practitioners in Saudi Arabia​Journal for Nurse Practitioners​​2022​
​Ms. Agnes Monica Victor
Veronika Vasilcova    
Latha K
Quality of Life among children with Cerebral Palsy – A Pilot Study

International Journal of Early Childhood Special Education​​2022
Ms. Agnes Monica Victor
Latha K
​Feeding interventions for CP children​International journal for innovative research in multidisciplinary field  ​2022​
​​Nashwa Ibrahim
Dr. Abeer Selim 
Fiona Ng 
Muhamed Kasaby 
Amira Mohammed Ali  
Rasha Eweida 
Doha Almakki  
Amna Elaagib 
Mike Slade
​Experiences of peer support workers supporting individuals with substance use disorders in Egypt: phenomenological analysis​
BMC Health Services Research​​​2022​
Nashwa Ibrahim
Fiona Ng, 
Dr. Abeer Selim
Eman Ghallab
Amira Ali 
Mike Slade
Posttraumatic growth and recovery among a sample of Egyptian mental health service users: a phenomenological study​​BMC Health Services Research​​
​Dr. Mona Alanazi 
Reda M.
Nabil Aboushady 
Dr. Amel Dawod Kamel
Association between different levels of maternal vitamin-D status during pregnancy and maternal outcomes​​​​Clinical Nutrition ESPEN​2022​
​Dr. Samah Saad Salem
Dr. Hind Al Ghadeer 
Ms. Faten Albattah
Ms. Wijdan Alanazi 
Ms. Hadeel Alanazi
Dr. Naglaa Youssef​
Awareness of Preventive Measures of Cardiovascular Diseases and Heart Attack Warning Symptoms: Gender-based Differences​​Assiut Scientific Nursing Journal​​​2021
Dr. Samah Saad Salem
Ms. Lerma C. Cabaldo
The Effect of Moderate-Fidelity Mannequin VS Peer Simulated Patient on Nursing Students Experience and Level of Competency​​​
Assiut Scientific Nursing Journal​​
Dr. Abeer Selim
Dr. Samah Saad Salem
Noura Albasher
Ghadah Bakrmom
Samar Alanzi
Hoda Jradi​
Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Coping Strategies: A Cross-sectional Study for Identifying Psychological Alarms and Factors Related to Coping in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia ​
Clinical Nursing Research​2021
​Y​oyok Bekti Prasetyo 
Yulis Setiya Dewi
Hidayat Arifin
Dr. Amel Kamel​
The Effect of Learning Module Program on Mothers’ Ability to Adapt to New Foods, Feeding Styles, and Self-efficacy to Their Children with Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder​​​Open Access Macedonian Journal of Medical Sciences​​20221
Dr. Arwa Alhamed
​Quality of Life in Children: A Concept Analysis​​Saudi Journal of Nursing and Health Care
Dalal Alshael
Monirah Albloushi
Dr. Aisha Aldawsari
Dr. Arwa Alhamed
Hana Al-Anzia
Badr A. Alenazyd
Ebtesam Alzaharni
​Saudi Nursing Students’ Graduate Program Experiences from Reality Shock to Reaching Desired Outcomes: A Qualitative Study​​​​Journal of Professional Nursing
Dr. Arwa Alhamed
The Use of OSCEs in Nursing Education: A Review Paper​Saudi Journal of Nursing and Health Care​2021
Dr. Sitah Alshutwi
Malak Alharbi
Dalal Almutairi
Reem Alotaibi
Perceptions toward the Nursing Profession to Predict Attrition Factors among Female Saudi Nursing Students: Implications to Enrolment and Drop-Out​International Journal of Innovative Research in Medical Science​2021​
Dr. Sitah Alshutwi
Dr. Eman Miligi
Lujain Alhumidan
Adel F. Almutairi

The influence of the disclosure of diabetes on the cognitive, physical ability and diabetes self-management in diabetic employed adults in Saudi Arabia

​Nursing Open
Dr. Arwa A. Alhamed
Valerie B. Toly
Stephen R. Hooper
Katherine M. Dell
The link between executive function, socio-emotional functioning and health-related quality of life in children and adolescents with mild to moderate chronic kidney disease​​Child: Care, Health and Development​​2021
Dr. Hala Saied
Dr. Nesren Bahnsawy 
Latifa Almuhareb
​Assessment of Clinical Manifestations and Management of Children with COVID -19 Presented at Emergency Department, King Abdullah specialized Pediatric Hospital​​​​Journal of Nursing and Health Science (IOSR-JNHS)​
​​Dr. Abeer Selim
Abeer Omar
Nada Almubayi
Aseel Alayed,
Dr. Jamilah AlQahtani
Anwar Almutairi
What Are the Saudi Community Attitudes Towards Domestic Violence Against Women? A Cross-Sectional Study from Riyadh​​​Journal of Transcultural Nursing​​2021
Ninin Herlinawati
Yulis Setiya Dewi
Ilya Krisnana
Yoyok Bekti Prasetyo
Dr. Amel Dawood Kamel
​Risk Factors of Transmission of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (Covid-19) In Children: a Review​​​​
The Malaysian Journal of Nursing​​2021
Erna Dwi Wahyuni, 
Yulis Setiya Dew
Dr. Amel Dawod Kamel
The Implementation of Theory of Planned Behavior in Identifying Behavioral Models of Nursing Documentation in "X" Hospital​​Journal of International Dental and Medical Research​
Dr. Faiza A. Abou El-Soud 
Dr. Eman Miligi 
Dr. Samah Saad Salem
Dr. Hind Al Ghadeer
The Relationship between Nursing Students’ Perceptions toward Success and Failure
Factors and their Academic Performance: A Descriptive Correlational Study