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​​​​ ​​Course Title​​​​​
Chemistry for Health Sciences I 
​​​ Cour​se Code
CHEM 111
​​​​ Credit Hours
​This course will cover the general chemistry, which consists of theoretical and practical parts.  The theoretical part of this course will provide the students with an in-depth knowledge of the essential concepts such as atomic structures, electronic configuration, chemical bonding, molecular geometry and polarity. The students will be able to critically evaluate the chemical data by means of various chemical problems and questions related to chemical composition, Stoichiometry, Chemical equilibrium, pH, Ka and Kb, Buffer Solutions, acids and bases, oxidation numbers, states of matter, writing formula, balancing chemical equations etc. The practical part of this course will provide the students information about some concepts including the safety protocols, reactivity of metals, and acid –base reactions.​