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​​​​ ​​Course Title​​​​​
English Reading and Vocabulary​
​​​ Cour​se Code
ENGH 103
​​​​ Credit Hours
​This course, English Reading and Vocabulary I, aims at developing students’ reading skill by employing language skill integration: students do heavy practice in listening, speaking, writing, and reading in order to sharpen their reading skill. English Reading and Vocabulary I utilizes a well-developed textbook, New Interactions 1, Reading and Writing (by Pamela Hartmann and James Mentel); this book offers various online listening and writing exercises whose main objective is to sharpen students’ reading and comprehension skills. This course emphasizes the development of reading and critical thinking skills essential for academic studies at the university level. It also stresses basic vocabulary, paragraph organization, basic comprehension skills, word building, and reading strategies. Glossary lists are provided for the reading passages in the core textbooks. Students gain practice in inferring the meaning of unknown words from context and using an English-English dictionary. Reading skills are reinforced through regular in-class activities, homework assignments, and quizzes.​