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​​​​ ​​Course Title​​​​​
English Academic Writing for Health Sciences II
​​​ Cour​se Code
ENGH 113
​​​​ Credit Hours
Reading Component: 
This is the advanced course in the Academic Reading and Vocabulary sequence. This course develops reading and inferential skills essential for academic studies at the university level. It also stresses vocabulary enrichment, chart analysis, extracting implied meaning from a text, analyzing an author’s purpose, drawing conclusions, advanced comprehension skills (including analysis and evaluation of a text), and providing responses to written material. The general purpose of this course is to help students increase their level of reading fluency (in speed and accuracy) so that they can adequately comprehend written English at an advanced level. 

Writing Component: 
This advanced writing course aims to build on the writing skills students learned in ENGH 101 and 111. In this course, students will further develop their skills in academic writing, from the pre-writing planning stage to the final proof-reading and revision stage. Students will learn how to plan and write a clear, detailed, and appropriately structured academic essay that systematically develops an argument on an academic topic. They will also learn how to organize and explain causal relationships. Students will learn how to synthesize information from 2-3 academic sources to support their point of view and cite their sources following the established conventions of the Vancouver Referencing system.