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​Fundamentals of Nursing I

Course Code: NURS 201

Credit: (2)

This course is designed to introduce students to concepts and theories related to the paradigm of person, health, environment and the discipline of nursing. It introduces students to nursing as a dynamic and caring profession. In particular it focuses on the work of Dr. Jean Watson and her theory of nursing as caring. It incorporates a foundational overview of health care delivery systems by surveying key concepts, frameworks and processes related to health care organizations. Learning experiences are designed to introduce students to nursing process and to communication skills as a foundation for beginning health assessment and fundamental nursing care for individuals throughout the life span, while at the same time stimulating critical thinking skills and evidence based nursing practices. The clinical placement will be preceded by 2 weeks introduction in the Nursing Skills Lab. Supervised Clinical experience may include but not limited to bedside teaching, clinical rounds, direct patient care, health education, scenarios analysis and case study.