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​​​​ ​​Course Title​​​​​
Microbiology for Nursing
​​​ Cour​se Code
PNUR 214
​​​​ Credit Hours
The Microbiology course for nursing students focuses on the basic aspects of microbiology for Health Care workers. Students will receive a broad background of disease-causing microorganisms, with emphasis on morphology, immunity, pathogenicity, mode of microbial infection, as well as the diagnostic and controls methods. Organisms to be studied include selected bacteria, fungi, viruses and protozoa of medical importance.   

The laboratory component will involve learning basic laboratory skills and applied microbiological techniques, specimen collection under strict aseptic technique, common diagnostic serological tests, and the universal precautions laid down by centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 

The Course will be taught through interactive lectures and practical sessions. Understanding the basic principles of Microbiology and microbial pathogenesis are essential parts of student’s journey in nursing college and other health sciences colleges.  ​