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Pre-Professional Courses

Level 1
101ARBC Arabic Language Skills I
101ENGL English Communication Skills I
102ENGL English Language Structures and Drills I
103ENGL English Academic Reading and Vocabulary I
101ISLM Islamic Culture
Level 2
111ARBC Arabic Language Skills II
101BIOL Biology for Health Sciences
101CHEM Chemistry for Health Sciences
111ENGL English Communication Skills II
112ENGL English Language Structures and Drills II
113ENGL English Academic Reading and Vocabulary II
101PHYS Physics for Helath Sciences
Level 3
215BIOC Biochemistry for Nursing
201BIOS Biostatistics
201COMP Computer Science and Health Informatics
201ENGL Medical Terminology
211ENGL Advance English Grammar and Writing for Health Sciences
212ENGL Advance English Reading and Vocabulary for Health Sciences
201PNUR Anatomy and Physiology I for Nursing
Level 4
201NURS Fundamentals of Nursing I
202NURS Fundamentals of Nursing II
202PNUR Microbiology
203PNUR Pathophysiology
211PNUR Anatomy and Physiology II for Nursing

Nursing Courses

Level 5
311NURS Health Assessment
314NURS Clinical Pharmacology
311NURS Health Assessment
314NURS Clinical Pharmacology
320NURS Clinical Nutrition
321NURS Nursing Care of Adults I
Level 6
303NURS Health Professions Education for Nursing
316NURS Nursing Care of Adults II
318NURS Communication for Health Professions
322NURS Normal Growth and Development
323NURS Epidemiology and Population Based Health Care
324NURS Nursing Research
Level 7
417NURS Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing
418NURS Nursing Care of Children and Their Families
419NURS Woman and Newborn Health Nursing
Level 8
414NURS Critical Care Nursing
415NURS Community Health Nursing and Health Education
416NURS Nursing Management and Informatics

Elective Courses

(Only two courses required)
311ELEC Lifestyle Modification in Chronic Illness
312ELEC Palliative Care
414ELEC Nursing Informatics
411ELEC Society & Health
412ELEC Family Heath and Child Protection
413ELEC Alternative and Complementary Medicine
416ELEC Applied Nursing Research