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Course Credit Hours Requisite
No Symbol Title Lec Lab Total Pre Co Pre / Co
Level 1
101ARBC Arabic Language Skills I2-2---
101ENGL English Communication Skills I055---
102ENGL English Language Structures and Drills I314---
103ENGL English Academic Reading and Vocabulary I5-5---
101ISLM Islamic Culture2-2---
Level 2
111ARBC Arabic Language Skills II2-2 ARBC 101--
101BIOL Biology for Health Sciences112---
101CHEM Chemistry for Health Sciences314---
111ENGL English Communication Skills II022 ENGL 101--
112ENGL English Language Structures and Drills II022 ENGL 102--
113ENGL English Academic Reading and Vocabulary II022 ENGL 103--
101PHYS Physics for Health Sciences4-4---
Level 3
215BIOC Biochemistry for Nursing 314---
201BIOS Biostatistics112---
201COMP Computer Science and Health Informatics213---
201ENGL Medical Terminology2-2---
211ENGL Advance English Grammar and Writing for Health Sciences022 ENGL 112--
212ENGL Advance English Reading and Vocabulary for Health Sciences112 ENGL 113--
201PNUR Anatomy and Physiology I for Nursing213---
Level 4
201NURS Fundamentals of Nursing I3-3---
202NURS Fundamentals of Nursing II224---
202PNUR Microbiology213---
203PNUR Pathophysiology3-3---
211PNUR Anatomy and Physiology II for Nursing213---
Level 5
301NURS Ethics and Patient Safety for Nursing2-2 ---
302NURS Behavioral Sciences for Nursing2-2 ---
311NURS Health Assessment224 PNUR 211--
314NURS Clinical Pharmacology3-3 PNUR 203--
320NURS Clinical Nutrition2-2 BIOC 215--
321NURS Nursing Care of Adults I336 NURS 202 NURS 314 PNUR 203
Level 6
303NURS Health Professions Education for Nursing2-2---
316NURS Nursing Care of Adults II235 NURS 321--
318NURS Communication for Health Professions2-2---
322NURS Normal Growth and Development2-2---
323NURS Epidemiology and Population Based Health Care2-2 BIOS 201--
324NURS Nursing Research3-3-- BIOS 201
NURS 323
Level 7
417NURS Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing235-- NURS 321
418NURS Nursing Care of Children and Their Families336 NURS 316
NURS 321
- NURS 322
419NURS Woman and Newborn Health Nursing336 NURS 316--
Level 8
414NURS Critical Care Nursing235 NURS 316
NURS 418
NURS 419
415NURS Community Health Nursing and Health Education325 NURS 418
NURS 419
416NURS Nursing Management and Informatics224---
Elective Courses
(Only two courses required)
 311ELEC Lifestyle Modification in Chronic Illness2-2---
 312ELEC Palliative Care2-2---
 414ELEC Nursing Informatics2-2---
 411ELEC Society & Health2-2 PNUR 211--
 412ELEC Family Heath and Child Protection2-2---
 413ELEC Alternative and Complementary Medicine2-2---
 416ELEC Applied Nursing Research2-2---
Total Credit Hours 91 49 140