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Q1. How do I apply for a job at CON??

Checkout here for a full description of the recruitment process.


Q2. Are English skills required?

Yes it is required and each applicant will have to do the English Proficiency Test and should get 65% in order to complete her application.


Q3. What are the requirements of: Teaching Assistant, Lecturer, Assistant Professor, or Associate Professor?

    • Teaching Assistant:

      - A Bachelor’s degree from a Saudi University or any other accredited University.
      - A minimum averages a Very Good (B).
      - Any Other requirements issued by the College Council.
  • Lecturer:

    - A Master’s degree from a Saudi University or any other accredited University.
    - Any other requirement issued by the College Council.
  • Assistant Professor:

    - A PhD degree or its equivalent from a Saudi University or any other accredited University.
  • Associate Professor:

    - A PhD degree from a Saudi University or any other accredited University.
    - To have been scientifically promoted to this position by a Saudi University or any other accredited University.


Q4. When will I be scheduled for an interview?

If there is vacant positions, and after passing the English Proficiency Test and reviewing your CV by the concerned department, you will be contacted through phone and e-mail for an interview.


Q5. How can I check my application status?

Due to the volume of application we receive, you will receive a call or written notification e-mail confirming your status.


Q6. What are the administrative working hours?

The administrative working hours start from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., including 1/2 hour for lunch break, from Sunday to Thursday.


Q7. What is the status of the contracts at the Nursing College?

The contract is renewed yearly after passing the Performance Appraisal.


Q8. How many times a year is the employee evaluated?

The new hire administrative employee will be evaluated after the first 3 months, and for the academic employee she/he will be evaluated upon completing the first academic year.
Then the evaluation will be every year before the Date of Hire for both Academic and Administrative staff. 


Q9. Can I have a copy of my contract?

Yes, all employees can have a copy of their contracts and benefits.


Q10. When do I get paid?

Staff is paid electronically on the 27th each month.


Q11. When might my salary be increased?

For administrative staff, an annual merit increase from 0 to 6%, depending on the Performance Appraisal score, until the top point of the scale is reached. For academic staff, the faculty member is normally moved to the next step on the salary scale.


Q12. Who do I contact to amend information on my Personnel File?

You need to contact the Human Resources Department, CON, and provide them with all the information you need to be modified.


Q13. How many dependents can be added to my benefits?

Based on the contract status of the employee, the expatriate employee can add her/his spouse plus three children (under 18 years old).

Q14. How can I know my balance of entitled leaves?

Login to your account in the HR Oracle system.


Q15. What are the requirments for getting entrance authorization to KSAU-HS?

A copy of the university Badge. A copy of Saudi ID or Iqama. A copy of driver’s license. A copy of car registration. These papers should be submitted to the Military Office personally. The same procedures apply to get Sticker for the car.


Q16. How do I know if the process of my evaluation has been accomplished?

The HR department will do the necessary follow up with the Administrative Affairs, NGHA.


Q17. What are the procedures if I am absent on sick leave?

On the first day of absent, you have to notify your Supervisor/ Head of Department, or any person on behalf of her, by telephone of your illness. You should keep your Supervisor/Head informed of your situation during periods of absence and give indication of your likely date of return. You are required to provide a Medical Certificate for any absence of sick leave, preferably from any hospitals or clinics under the NGHA.