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  • Doctorate in philosophy of science (PhD), Nursing, 2019
    Master of Science in Nursing- Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, 2016
    Bachelor of Nursing Sciences, 2010
    Advanced Quantitative Methodology Certificate-2019 
    Senior Pediatric Nursing specialist 2020
    Certified Academic Quality Reviwer 2022


Major Interests/ Working Fields

Cognitive functions in children affected by chronic diseases

Pediatric primary nursing care

Pediatric public health

Academic quality and leadership 


Recent research activities/ publications

​Toly, V.B., Blanchette, J.E., Alhamed, A., & Musil, C.M. (2019). Mothers' Voices Related to Caregiving: The Tran​sition of a Technology-Dependent Infant from the NICU to Home. Neonatal Network, 38, 69-79.​  

​Toly,​​ V. B., Blanchette, J. E., Sikorski, S., Musil, C. M., & Al Hamed, A. Maternal perspectives of well siblings' adjustment to family life with a technology-dependent child, Journal of Family Nursing. 2017 Aug;23(3):392-417.

​Alhamed, A., Toly, V., Hooper, S., & Dell, K. (2021). The Link between Executive Function and Health Related Quality of Life in Children with Mild to Moderate CKD. Childe: care, health, and development. Child, health, care, and development.

​Ibrahim, A. F. A. F., Alhamed, A. A., & Almusa, G. M. (2020). Nutrition Related Factors Affecting Academic Performance of Female Health Sciences Students. American Journal of Nursing Research, 8(4), 426-434.

​Alhamed, A, Almogbal, R.A, Alwubayran, R., Alsuhaibani, M., & Tork, H. (2021). Passive versus active distraction methods to reduce vaccination associated pain and anxiety in children. International Journal of Novel Research in Health care and Nursing, 8 (2);438-448.

​Alhamed, A. (2021). Quality of Life in children: A Concept Analysis. Saudi J Nurs Health Care, 4(7): 178-182.

​Alhamed, A. (2021). The Use of OSCEs in Nursing Education: A Review Paper. Saudi J Nurs Health Care, 4(7): 183-188.

​Alshael, D. Albloushi, M., Aldawsari, A., Alhamed, A., Alanizi, H., Alenizi, B., & Alzahrani, E. (2021). Saudi nursing students graduate program experiences from reality ​shock to reaching desired outcomes: a qualitative study. Journal of Professional Nursing.

​Monir Almotairy, Ahmed Nahari, Arwa Alhamed, Ahmad Aboshaiqah, Hamza Moafa, Physicians' Perception About Primary Care Nurse Practitioners in Saudi Arabia, The Journal for Nurse Practitioners, Volume 18, Issue 7, 2022, Pages 747-752, ISSN 1555-4155,

Alshaya OA, Alhamed A, Althewaibi S, Fetyani L, Alshehri S, Alnashmi F, Alharbi S, Alrashed M, Alqifari SF, Alshaya AI. Calcium Channel Blocker Toxicity: A Practical Approach. Journal of Multidisciplinary Healthcare. 15, 1851–1862.


Phone: +966 11 4299999 Ext: 99477

Email: Hamedar​