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  • Master of Science in Nursing, 2018
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing, 2023


Major Interests/ Working Fields

  • Nursing Management and Leadership 

Recent research activities/ publications

Alenezi, L., Gillespie, G., Smith, C., (2022). An integrative review of transformational leadership style and burnout: Implications for furse leaders. IHRJ, 6(9), 2456-8090.

Habib, F., Dawood, E., Asiri, D., Enezi, L, Al Solyman, A. & Al Anizi, H. (2013). Comparison of Social Life and Sleeping Pattern among Eight and Twelve Hours Shift Nurses. Journal of Natural Sciences Research, 3(4), 88-94.​

MASTER’S CAPSTONE PROJECTS : Discharge Education & Teaching Materials to Meet Current Regulatory Requirements. ​

The Perceptions of Using Electronic Health Records Among Nurses in Saudi Arabia.

​Oral presentation at the “Nursing World congress and Health care” during November 19-20, 2018, in Orlando, Florida, USA: BURNOUT OF TRANSFORMATIONAL NURSE LEADERS: THE MEDIATING EFFECT OF STRESS, ROLE OVERLOAD, PEER SUPPORT, AND WORK-LIFE BALANCE​


Phone: +966 11 4299999 Ext: 99470