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  • ​PhD in Nursing Sciences, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, USA.
    ​Master of Science in Nursing, Women's Health Nurse Practitioner, Regis​​ College, MA, USA, 2018.
    ​Bachelor of Science in Nursing, King Saud bin AbdulAziz University for Health SciencesRiyadh, Saudi Arabia, 2013.
    Women's Health Nurse Practitioner Board Certified 2021, USA.

Major Interests/ Working Fields

  • Women’s Health and Maternity Nursing

    Breast Cancer Research 

    Oncology Nursing

    Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

Recent research activities/ publications

Alanazi, A. K., Lynch-Kelly, D., Weaver, M., & Lyon, D. (2022, February 23-25). The Relationship among Health Promoting Lifestyle Behaviors and Perceived Stress in Women with Early-Stage Breast Cancer over Two Years. Poster presented at the 36th Southern Nursing Research Society, New Orleans, LA, USA.

A Scoping Review of Psychological Distress Instruments in Women with Early- Stage Breast Cancer During Chemotherapy. This paper will be submitted to the Psycho-Oncology Journal.


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