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  • ​PhD in Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing, 2015, Faculty of ​​Nursing, Menoufiya University.

    ​Master of Nursing Science (Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing), 2012, Faculty of Nursing, Menoufiya University with ​an excellent degree. ​

    Bachelor of Nursing Science with an excellent degree, 2005.

Major Interests/ Working Fields

Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing.

Women Mental Health.

Adolescent Mental Health

Child Mental Health​ 

Communication and group dynamics​ 

Q​uality accreditation in Higher Education Institutions

Educational Psychology​ 


Recent research activities/ publications

​Kasemy ZA, Sharif AF, Amin SA, Fayed MM, Desouky DE, Sala​ma AA, Shereda HM, et ​​al. (2022) Trend and epidemiology of suicide attempts by self-poisoning among Egyptians. PLoS ONE 17(6): e0270026. pone.0270026

​Kasemy ZA, Sharif AF, Barakat AM, Abdelmohsen SR, Hassan NH, Hegazy NN, Sharfeldin AY, El-Ma'doul AS, Alsawy KA, Abo Shereda HM and Abdelwanees S (2022) Technostress Creators and Outcomes Among Egyptian Medical Staff and Students​: A Multicenter Cross-Sectional Study of Remote Working Environment During COVID-19 Pandemic. Front. Public Health 10:796321. doi: 10.3389/fpubh.2022.796321.

​Safaa Ibrahem Shattla, Nabila Elsayed Sabola, Hanaa Mohamed Abo Shereda, Reda Abdel Latif , Gehan Ahmed Abed. (2022):  Impact of Clinical Simulation on Student's Levels of Motivation, Satisfaction and Self-Confidence in Learning Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing , INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SPECIAL EDUCATION Vol.37, No.3.

Kasemy ZA, Sharif AF, Amin SA, Fayed MM, Desouky DE, Salama AA, Shereda HM, et al. (2021): Incidence, Distribution, and Determinants of Suicide by Self-Poisoning in two Egyptian Provinces. P J M H S Vol. 15, No.12. DOI:​ 

​Younis, Jaklein Refaat, Safaa Ibrahem Shattla, Gehan Ahamed Abed, and Hanaa Mohamed Abo Shereda, et al.  (2021): "Developmental Psychodrama Therapy: Effect o​n Social Anxiety and Self-Esteem among Children who Stutter" Clin Schizophr Relat Psychoses 15S (2021). Doi: 10.3371/CSRP.RJIS.101121​

​Marwa H Ageiz, Sabah M Ebrahem, Hanaa M Abo-shereda. Nurse Manager's Meaningful Recognition Program: Its Relation to Staff Nurses' Sense of Coherence and Self-Efficacy during COVID-19 Pandemic. SRP. 2021; 12(2): 521-531. doi:10.31838/srp.2021.2.72

Hassnin Eita, L., Mohamed Aboshereda, H. (2021). Resilience Training Based Nursing Intervention: Its effect on Depressive Symptoms, Coping styles and Resilience among Patients with Depression. Egyptian Journal of Health Care, 12(2), 11-27. doi: 10.21608/ejhc.2021.143542

​Kasemy et al., Abo Shereda, H.,(2020): Prevalence of Workaholism Among Egyptian Healthcare Workers With Assessment of Its Relation to Quality of Life, Mental Health and Burnout. Frontiers in public-health, Vol.8, No.581373.

​El-Amrosy, S., Abo Shereda, H., (2020):  The Effect of Mindfulness-Based Psycho-Educational Program on Insight and Socio Occupational Functioning of Schizophrenic Patients. International Journal of Nursing Education, Vol. 12, No. 4.

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Abo Shereda. H., Rashed. A., and Shokr. E., (2018):  Effect of psychological intervention on post-traumatic stress symptoms and pregnancy outcomes among women with previous recurrent abortion. Journal of Nursing Education and Practice, Vol. 8, No. 12.

Rashed. A, B., Kh​alil. A, K., Abo Shereda. H, M. (2016): Effect of Non-Pharmacological Interventions on Sleep Quality during Pregnancy among Primigravida. ISOR journal of nursing and health science, Volume 5, Issue 6 Ver. VI (Nov. - Dec. 2016), PP 07-15.


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